Glucose Tracker Plus for Windows 10


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Glucose Tracker Plus by HealthSaaS can help you take control of your diabetes.

Updates with v2.0 include:
- Customizeable reminders
- New, easier device pairing (under the Settings page)
- More intuitive and simple UI
- Plenty of bug fixes!

Glucose Tracker Plus is an easy to use mobile tool that simplifies glucose data tracking and logging. The software automatically saves glucose level, context such as before or after meals, date and time. All entries are saved in a historical list view.

Glucose Tracker Plus can also send data to our DiabetesPHA™ service and Microsoft HealthVault™.

DiabetesPHA is a web based application that enables patients to record conditions, blood glucose, blood pressure, pain, weight, nutrition, medications, naturopathic remedies, sleep patterns, treatments, therapies, additional symptoms and quality of life concerns. Our colorful graph reporting tools make it easy for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers to monitor lifestyle and treatment regimens.

DiabetesPHA service facilitates better communication between patients and their healthcare providers using account file sharing powered by Microsoft HealthVault. Patient driven data will help providers identify both effective and ineffective treatments and medications. Healthcare providers may then make treatment and medication modifications to improve efficacy and provide patients with a more consistent and improved quality of life.

Microsoft HealthVault puts you in control of your health records. HealthVault offers you a way to store health information from many sources in one location, so that it's always organized and available to you online. HealthVault allows patients to share data with healthcare providers, caregivers and family members through secure account file sharing.

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